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Smart Cities Need & Covid-19 Contingencies

3 months ago

India is primarily focused to enhance the standard of living in the country through the “Smart Cities Mission”. The smart cities of India are equipped with technologies as a medium to connect inter-state communication and intra-state wellness during the tough situation. A hundred cities across the country were shortlisted by the government, which were to be promoted as ‘Smart Cities’. Governments and local authorities across the globe are using technologies, sensors, and all other devices.

The rapid visualization and data analysis are primarily adopting to provide better solutions in smart cities. Although, artificial intelligence is still in the development stage or it is implemented as a pilot project. In the global market, the local governments and local authorities are primarily using technologies, a wide number of variety of sensors, and all other devices to analyze the data for the better operation and working of the smart cities.


Covid-19 Contingencies
COVID-19 Contingencies

The current pandemic in India owing to the widespread of COVID-19 virus has created a kiosk and upside down in the economic growth. The spread of coronavirus has pushed the working limits across the healthcare, scientific research, governmental financial reserves, and technology development. Moreover, the governments and local authorities are focused to use technologies and sensors to monitor the movement and track of coronavirus positive people, along the public announcements of the patients at the local level to create awareness about the actual risk of the virus.

The virus crushed the Indian economy and it will take time to regain the original momentum. The mission unravels further, social and financial inclusion can make this narrative truly holistic. Apart from providing a sense of belonging to the informal workers and migrant population of the smart cities, it shall award them a critical socio-economic niche. Migrant workers in India are an integral part of India’s relentless progress in the global market. The time is right to course correct and assimilate them emotionally into our economic landscape. This is potentially the single most important-learning for managing the urban economy better in the coming days. This is all due to lockdown and shutdown of operation in the construction and automotive industries, which primarily impact the smart cities’ needs. 

“The urgency of the response to COVID-19 could well affect where the balance sits between personal privacy and public health and safety” – White & Case Report 

For instance, Agra Smart City and District Administration are primarily using the Citizen Covid19 Risk Self-Assessment app to manage the emergency response management services at the ground level and serve the localities. Also, this widely enhances the working in identifications based on data analytics to identify high-risk individuals. This app assists in identifying emerging location-based spread trends in the cities.


The authorities of smart cities are widely investing in smart technologies to identify cases and ground-level healthcare services. These authorities are adopting solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) and data learning (DL) integrated with the unified video computing platform, intelligent video analytics, and intelligent traffic management system. These are main systems that are expected to widely used at the ground level implemented by the public and private authorities to aim to optimize COVID-19 contingencies.

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