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ISA Bangalore Section sweeps awards at D-14 awards at Mumbai

Date:2015-11-16 00:00:00

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ISA Bangalore Sweeps District Awards

The ISA Bangalore Section is pleased to announce its many recognitions, including Best Section Performance and other outstanding achievements in the District.

Outstanding Entrepreneur was awarded to Bangalore Section member Gautam Shenoy. The Lifetime Achievement award was given to Bangalore Section member K. Vasudevan, Ph.D. Professor K.L.S. Sharma, Ph.D., was presented the Distinguished Society Service award. The Best Student Section Performance award was presented to the VIT University Student Section. Finally, the Best Student Section Mentor special award for “Enduring Service to Student Sections” was awarded to Ram Kerur.

Congratulations to ISA’s Bangalore Section!

                       outstanding Entrepreneur : Mr.Gautam Shenoy

                            Lifetime Achievement : Dr.K.Vasudevan

                      Best Section Performance : Bangalore Section

                  Distinguished Society Service : Prof.Dr.K.L.S.Sharma

     Best Student section Performance : VIT University ISA Student Section

Best Student Section Mentor : Special Award for "Enduring Service to Student Section - Mr Ram Kerur.


Congratulations to all awardees