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Industrial Automation Group Recognized for Rockwell Automation’s Machine Safety and Process Disciplines


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Industrial Automation Group (IAG), privately held systems integrator specializing in Food & Beverage was recently awarded Rockwell Automation’s Machine Safety and Process disciplines at the 2017 Rockwell Automation Fair in Houston, Texas.

In receiving both Machine Safety and Process recognitions, IAG can ensure its customers the technical expertise to successfully deliver a PlantPAx Process Solution and implement a safety solution that meets all of today’s demanding requirements. “IAG can excel their customers’ needs with both safety and process and deliver a true PlantPAx Solution” explains Sam Cohen, Rockwell Automation.

Industrial Automation Group has a proven track record implementing over 12,000 Food & Beverage automation projects. “They are a key player in the Food & Beverage market who embraces the value of working with Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley distributors and Rockwell’s clients.” adds Mark Wharton, Rockwell Automation.

“It’s exciting to work in collaboration with IAG and witness them grow, it’s a long term investment for both companies” shares Robert Billy, Rockwell Automation.

With both Machine Safety and Process badges in hand, Industrial Automation Group will bring greater engineering excellence to new and existing customers across multiple industries.

Brad Stegmann, President of IAG: “Automation Group is extremely proud of our expertise with Rockwell products. We look forward to leveraging these new disciplines in delivering automation solutions in the Food and Beverage market we serve. “

Source : automationgroup.com