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20 robotics startups in India with the aim for a better tomorrow


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Robots are believed to slowly and steadily take over humans in most of the fields due to numerous factors like speed, accuracy etc. The technology of what we now know is not that of Android smart-phones only. Robots making your bed or doing your laundry is what science is now working on. Nowadays, there are a number of startups which are putting their foot in the field of robotics. It all sounds so interesting and we at The Hacker Street have come up with a list of top 20 robotics startups of 2017.

1. Team Dustbin

It is a for-profit organisation based in West Bengal and is led by Hurrah Nara. It is the winner of Goggles Lunar X Prize worth $1 million wherein they are building a privately funded Spacecraft which will be capable of landing on moon in 2017. They built a robot which could be placed on moon and can explore 500 metres of space and transmit HD videos and images back to earth’s receiver. The startup is a great mix of young and ambitious engineers and skilled partners who can commit to resources.

2. Robosapiens

This startup is providing formal education in the field of Robotics, Automation and Animation in schools and colleges. It holds workshops to impart knowledge in the filed of robotics, mechanical and embedded systems, app development, aero modelling, and much more. They have also organized India’s Biggest Robotics Championships in Institutions like IIT-Bombay, IIT-Delhi, IIT-Guwahati, IIT-Roorkee etc.

3. I2U2 Robot

Innovated and founded by Dr. Myshkin Ingawale, it claims to be the simplest and highly affordable ‘telepresence robot’ which can be controlled through a mobile, tablet or PC via app connected to Internet and allows users to make HD video calls through a tablet which acts like a face for the robot. The best part of the robot is that it keeps families intact by helping them interact, monitor, play and hang out by virtually being present at the location where the robot is.

4. Grey Orange

Designed out of a classroom project at BITS Pilani, the venture designs and builds robots that can move shelves stacked with numerous products from one floor to another where an assistant can get to know about the correct items being transferred via scanning a bar code. The robots can also move products to the shipping location where workers can seal the products for final shipment.

5. Sastra Robotics

Founded in mid 2012, Sastra Robotics develops, designs and markets robotics technologies for numerous wide-range applications and thus was selected as one of the contenders for top five ‘Most Promising Startups of 2012’ by Startup Village. Its robots serve multiple purposes, ranging from prosthetic robotic arm to robot interfacing and simulation software to robot APIs. One of their robots called the SCARA robot can even perform tasks repetitively for uses such as moving products, milling, or even 3D printing, and is being used by Bosch to test touchscreens.

6. Milagrow

Milagrow is Gurgaon based tech and consultation company focused on mobile technology, smart homes and robotics. The company claims to have made many first of its kind products like body massaging robots, floor cleaning robots etc. Along with being the biggest manufacturer of robot kits, their robots have been mentioned in the Financial Times, London.

7. Gridbots

Gridbots works in the field of robotics, AI and Machine learning. It was founded by Pulkit Gaur in August 2007 and is based in Ahmedabad. Since its launch, it has seen a surge not only in its place value but also in it’s technology. The company aims to resolve ‘real life problems’ by making robots which can be efficiently used as consumer products, industrial applications, defence bots, surveillance systems etc.

8. Robots Alive

Based out of Bangalore, Robots Alive is focusing on the field of robot technology across various industries. They design robots in accordance to customers’ demands, that is, they make custom designed robots. Their specialty is designing learning systems which can be operated easily without any expert knowledge. They are trying to convert new ideas into standards, especially in plastic industries these days.

9. Mukunda foods

Started by two dosa foodies, Eshwar Vikas and Sudeep Sabat felt the need to create a machine that could make perfect dosas. Dosamatic, as the machine is called was launched in 2015 with its final products to be sold to homes. They explain themselves as exporters and manufacturers of dosa making equipment like table top dosa, automatic dosa machine. The table top model is priced at Rs. 1.5 lakh, and can make up to 50 dosas an hour.

10. Navstik

Pune based Navstik Autonomous Systems has designed a Flyt Platform for drone manufacturers and supplies them a combination of OS(FlytOS) and electronics(FlytPOD). The startup provides it’s services to businesses in various fields such as agriculture, photography, delivery, surveillance etc.

11. Omnipresent Robot Tech

Omnipresent, founded by Aakash Sinha in 2011 has developed UAVs and river cleaning robots, besides making robots for home care and health care services. It is one of the leading robotics provider which also makes drones. They have made robots which are used in fields like defence and industries along with a software which controls the functioning and motion of robots.

12. Ark robot

It is a Bengaluru based warehouse automation startup which has won QPrize Make in India contest. It was founded by Rajesh Manpat in 2008. With Ark robot, Rajesh wishes to solve complex problems of automation through their robotics technology in the field of e-commerce and other industries. They have an inhouse team of engineers with core competencies in Software, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering who are research driven and problem solvers.

13. Falcon Autotech

It is another warehouse automation startup marked by its ‘A’ grade services and trustworthiness and thus has a great client base. It aims to revolutionize online weighing industry by its one step solution. It was founded by Vineet Baid. If you are looking for automatic weighing systems, check weighing systems, in motion weighing solutions, dynamic weighing machines, Falcon is indeed the one stop solution.

14. Green Robot Machinery

Grobomac as it is known is founded by Manohar Sambandam which makes robots for farm mechanism in order to reduce dependency on humans for picking cotton pads which compensates not only for human’s efforts but also his speed.

15. Axiom Research Lab

The team that won the Google Lunar programme i.e. Team Indus is the one which created the firm named Axiom Research Lab. The company’s foundation was laid down by Rahul Narayan. It has emerged as India’s very own and first private aerospace company aiming to land robots on the moon.

16. Planys

It is an IIT-Madras incubated startup that designs and manufactures underwater vehicles and provides underwater robotic inspection and survey services. They have made high intensity LED light, mike which can go up to 200 m underwater providing good quality sound and light. It has also launched a underwater robot, Beluga and is founded by Tanuj Jhunjhunwala.

17. DiFACTO Robotics and Automation

DiFACTO serves a wide range of industries from automative to food-beverages to health and electronics. Mr. Richard H. Johnson is the President and COO of DiFACTO Robotics America, LLC. They design, develop and implement new automation system solutions for customers around the world.

18. Asimov Robotics

Kerala based ASIMOV Robotics, started by Jayakrishnan T, is a one-stop solution for industry robotics and automation needs. They provide engineering products solutions and consultancy in the areas like robotic simulation and control, machine-vision, training, virtual reality, and navigation applications.

19. Gade autonomous systems

It wants to be bring about a revolution with its robots such that the robots can communicate with humans and their surroundings. Advertron developed by the startup is an interactive help kiosk and guide. It is a story telling robot that can interact with humans using gesture controls. It is a Bangalore based startup, foundation of which was laid by Sasi Gade.

20. Systemantics

Based in Bangalore and started by Jagannath Raju, it is a high-tech ‘industrial’ robotics company which aims to ‘enable widespread adoption of industrial automation”.

These 20 Indian Robotics startups are aiming for a better future by trying to reduce human dependency along with increasing speed and decreasing time.

Source :in.thehackerstreet.com