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Case Study



The Unitronics Vision1210™ – the Right Fit for Your Industry


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Excellence in automation is every OEM and System Integrator’s goal when it comes to constructing just the right automated system.

It’s not surprising then, that the product that seems to tick all the boxes for excellence (even for a large variety of industries) is the versatile Unitronics Enhanced Vision1210™.

But what makes this specific programmable logic controller the ideal choice for a range of industries including HVAC, packaging, food, plastics and manufacturing?

All Drives and Controls considered the options that make this Unitronics device one of their top selling products.

Could it be the all-in-one feature?

The most obvious choice that helps the Vision1210™ stand out from its peers is its all-in-one capabilities that boast a combined PLC and HMI, as well as options for I/O modules to snap directly onto the back; creating a complete compact solution.

This useful aspect benefits every industry by providing a single device that can handle a range of requirements. This in turn reduces costs for separate purchases and saves time involved with setting up and controlling various hardware.

Let’s also not forget that the V1210™ requires less space and less wiring to install compared to using a separate PLC and HMI, making it ideal for those with already limited areas.

Perhaps it’s the design?

As Unitronics are a company keen on listening to the needs of their customer, it’s no surprise that the V1210™ design is not only superbly operational but sleek and modern too.

For some HMI devices, appearance is often overlooked with focus on functionality, however with the V1210™ even All Drives and Controls were impressed with its contemporary look and full colour screen that will enhance any professional work area.

With the largest colour touchscreen in the series, the V1210™ remains a great option for industry sectors that require a larger display and clear graphics for usability, training and demonstrations. The wide screen easily displays multiple loops, parameters and trending information as a VDU for easy reference, which is another time saving solution.

Aside from the obvious aesthetics, industries that work within sensitive environments, including the food industry, are keen on the units dust and water tight design which allows the V1210™ to be continually cleaned and protected without compromising on performance.

It might be the software?

When it comes to automation, the common need for industries dealing with packaging and manufacturing is a system that can communicate and control complex processes with a simple, easy to programme system.

Many of these industries opt for the V1210™ as it can be taught via programmes and protocols to communicate seamlessly, including the ability to perform immediate interrupts whenever a rapid response is required.

However, even in industries where the processes require continual changes, the system is flexible enough to be modified without spending needless time and costs on rewiring or modifications. Again, proving itself to be a versatile tool for many applications.

Maybe it’s based on the superb service from All Drives and Controls?

The reasons for purchasing a V1210™ to provide automation excellence are many, and of course All Drives and Controls work hard to keep that satisfaction level high with every purchase.

Some may choose All Drives and Controls as their supplier because they are in need of quick delivery (even next day) and others because the free training delivered helps them get the best from their purchase.

Whatever reason for purchasing the V1210™ with All Drives and Controls, you can be sure that the goal of automation excellence is within your reach.

You’re just one email away from expert advice that can support you in deciding if the Vision1210™ is the right choice for your industry requirements.

Source :alldrivesandcontrols.co.uk