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FUTURE 20/20



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FUTURE 20/20 is a one of its kind platform curated to harness the growth developments of the SMEs and emerging businesses in the country. Being India’s ‘engine of growth’, small and mid-sized businesses have scaled significantly over the last few years with increasing awareness, digital advancements and expanding opportunities. With this initiative, Exito objectifies to discuss opportunities, advancements, challenges, innovations and solutions to propel the growth trajectory of emerging businesses.

India is bracing itself to be a $5 trillion economy by 2025 and the largest contribution to this milestone is anticipated from the SME & mid-market segments. The increasing engagement of emerging businesses on the mobile app and digital platforms has boosted the sector’s growth by over 60% in this year alone. Thus, heralding a harbinger of the movement towards applicable technologies and digitization. 

At Future 20/20, the participants will create a growth-affirming narratives to motivate the rapid organizational evolution and emphasize the centrality of innovation.

Source :futureconnectconference.com