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5G Automotive Forum in Berlin will bring together over 30 senior-level industry leading professionals from the automotive, technology and telecommunications industries to pave the way for a new technological era of driving vehicles! The emergence of 5G will transform the industry's traditional business model to give way to a radical new approach. The car will become not just a device for mobility, but a “mobile device” – a platform for innovative, compelling applications that enrich the user’s experience. It will enable cars to communicate electronically with other vehicles on the road and with the road itself, exchanging real-time information such as their current speed, performance data, road conditions and precise location. It enables a whole new level of safety and traffic flow solutions and ultimately the self-driving vehicle. To pave the way for this new future, the automotive, technology and telecommunications industries must gear up to collaboratively address the crucial issues such as standardization, implementation timeline, network coverage, infrastructure, security and privacy. Join us at this exclusive event to see how 5G can bring the automotive industry to a whole new level!

Source :5g-automotive.com