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Saudi ioT 2nd Saudi International Exhibition & Conference For Internet of Things



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Saudi IoT is an initiative to create a platform focusing on the enormous potential of the IoT revolution. Saudi IoT seeks to address challenges and identify real opportunities within the IoT landscape. Saudi International Exhibition for Internet of Things will be a pivotal event for the Kingdom’s future in IoT.

This year’s exhibition will focus on cutting-edge IoT solutiuons such as electronics design, embedded systems, software development, product-enclosure design, analytics, systems integration, and more..

Over a period of years Saudi Arabia has grown geographically at a phenomenal rate. With the extension of our borders it has become increasingly critical to increase the efficiency of digital communications. With tremendous investment in smart technology, The Kingdom is poised to take IoT to the next level in in 2018 and beyond. The Kingdom’s IoT and M2M Communication market is estimated to grow from $4.88 billion in 2014 to $16.01 billion by 2019. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia encompasses 65% of the gulf region. The Saudi market is forecasted for a growth of 160 Billion US $ by 2025 according to the (Name actual market study, and who it was conducted by). 

At Saudi IoT we believe we are at the forefront of a booming market in the information technology sector—we want to use the Saudi International Exhibition for Internet of Things to generate an exchange of ideas so that we may all capitalize on a period of exponential growth for IoT.

Source :saudiiot.com