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Operational Excellence & Productivity

In this stream, we will discuss how to create the company culture that helps produce valuable products and services for their customers and achieve long-term sustainable growth. We will discuss on how to increase reliability, efficiency and profitability as well as how to manage competitive pressures and improve workforce productivity while controlling labour costs. We will focus on establishing a secure supplier network, streamlining manufacturing operations, addressing cross-functional issues and drive performance forward with a growth mindset.

Digitisation & Automation

This stream will unravel the self-organizing adaptive manufacturing process that no longer requires constant human intervention, while remaining under human control. We will discuss how digital-manufacturing technologies and data analytics will transform and optimize factory operations, boosting equipment utilization and product quality while reducing energy consumption.

We will highlight the process of transition to a smart factory using automation, 3D Printing, as well as, adopting advance systems for a seamless solution with existing systems. Also recognising the value of disruptive and cloud technologies.

Process Integration & Optimisation

We will discuss how to create an integrated production environment for more reliable and centralised operations. 

This stream will focus on optimising complex manufacturing processes to take advantage of revenue opportunities by tuning up operations and establishing harmony amongst different control systems. We will discover how to utilise existing equipment to its fullest capacity by examining operating data and identifying equipment bottlenecks. Also, leveraging virtual controlling systems to continuously monitor and optimise the entire plant for increased quality and safety.

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