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MEConferences team cordially invites all participants across the world to attend the 5th World Machine Learning and Deep Learning Congress (Machine Learning 2018) which is going to be held during August 30-31 in Dubai, UAE. The main theme of the conference is “Machine Learning: Discovering the New Era of Intelligence". This conference aimed to expand its coverage in the areas of Machine Learning and Deep Learning where expert talks, young researcher’s presentations will be placed in every session of the meeting will be inspired and keep up your enthusiasm. We feel our expert Organizing Committee is our major asset, however Speakers are what make events stand out. World Machine Learning and Deep Learning Congress is bringing the most innovative minds, practitioners, experts and thinkers to inspire and present to the delegates new innovative ways to work and innovate through their data. Your presence over the venue will add one more feather to the crown of Machine Learning 2018.

Machine Learning is a method of teaching computers how to perform complex tasks that cannot be easily described or processed by humans and to make predictions. It is a combination of Mathematical Optimization and Statics. In the other hand, Deep Learning is the subset of ML that focus even more narrowly like neuron level to solve any problem. Machine Learning 2018 is comprised of the following sessions with 20 tracks designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current applications, discoveries and issues of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Source :machinelearning.conferenceseries.com