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Conference on Manufacturing and Digital Excellence in South India Southern Region



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From machine tools to mass production to automation, the Manufacturing sector has been continuously evolving. The 4th industrial revolution has brought into focus sensors, wireless communication & networks, robots and cobots, connected machines and integrated value chain starting from design to customer. This digital transformation of manufacturing will allow increased flexibility in customisation, speed, better quality, improved productivity and lower costs. The impact of digitalisation on the manufacturing sector will dictate the way products are manufactured, services are rendered and skills are developed globally.

The Indian manufacturing sector has been open to technology adoption and has evolved to being quality and cost conscious with increasing focus on R&D and IP creation. The SME sector has been the home of low cost automation and frugal innovation. With the fourth industrial revolution making headway globally, the technology divide between SMEs and large companies has been growing steadily. However, given that the sector is poised for changes, it calls for investment in new equipment, information and communication technologies, data analysis as well as the integration of data flows throughout the value chain. It is also essential that these technology advances suit the requirement for the small and medium scale industries.

To strengthen the ecosystem so as to enable the digital transformation of manufacturing sector in South India CII – Southern Region flagged of the Manufacturing and Digital Excellence – MADE Initiative to create a platform to assess, discuss, and mentor the digitization of manufacturing in South India.

In this context, CII – SR initiated a Digitalisation Readiness Survey for CII members across the region and worked on creating a digital transformation market place to connect various stakeholders.

The outcome of the survey, case studies and best practices observed and a roadmap for digitalisation will be discussed and presented at the Conference and Expo CII-SR MADE in South India on 23 March 2018 at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru.

The conference will encompass the following areas under digital manufacturing 

  • Redefining Business Model – Vision and strategy for the Factory 4.0
  • Decision Making in the connected world – Data Analytics
  • Changes Expected – Skilling a new Industry
  • The Digital Footprint for Customer Engagement
  • Panel on Impact of Digital Supply Chains

The conference looks to attract Heads of Manufacturing, CTOs, Design & System engineers, Shop-floor Managers material scientists, R&D managers, from key stakeholders in the manufacturing space.

Online Registration : cii.in