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Wire & Cable Arabia will serve as a powerful platform to build strong business partnerships and forge strategic alliances between cables and wires producers from across the globe and in-country distributors.

Wire and cable is the fundamental element and skeleton of every developed and developing economy that covers the lengths and breadths of the country and it’s market is sharp and well defined in the MENA region.

Wire & the products made from it play an extremely important role in all sectors of the industry viz. information and communication, engineering, construction, transport, automobile, energy and power, to name a few, as well as in our daily lives.

The region is seen as one of the most dynamic infrastructure investment markets for regional as well as global investors

UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia all scored top third of the new index of ARCADIS Global Infrastructure Investment due to their strong business environment, healthy development work and growing economies, in addition to the mega projects that are scheduled in the pipeline for the coming 3 years which will represent Billions of Dollars of investment and opportunity to the related industries.

Presences of resources like petrochemical complexes, power plants, steel complexes, aluminum/copper production facilities, large scale mines, easy access to international waters, availability of professional human resources and strategic location has made the MENA region a big opportunity to focus on.