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Contactless Frisking at Airports

3 months ago

COVID-19 created a kiosk and fear at the social gathering places i.e. airports and stations. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) who authorized for security at the airports in India are primarily incorporate and mandatory to implement the contactless ticket verification and security check system along with mandatory rules to maintain required passengers and security personnel.

Contactless Frisking

Considering, the CISF is focusing on the introduction of updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for security features at the airport, post-pandemic. Moreover, it is compiling various mandatory safety measures such as contactless frisking, the use of the Aarogya Setu app to identify Covid-19 patients, and a reduction in the count of passenger travel in one-way.

“The airport authorities are exploring the terms and features to extend the application of contactless frisking to further judge the passenger checking effectiveness. In the future, it is expected to witness a fully automated system for contactless and pat-down searches for the passengers at airports” – The Authority of India

The CISF and airport security council are ready to implement extra access control for the employees operating at the airports to take extra personal safety measures while on and off duty to reduce the risk of spread coronavirus. Moreover, it is already stated to the airport authorities to cross-check every passenger’s Aarogya Setu app to analyze the color-coded risk analysis to identifying Covid-19 patients. The Government of India (GoI) investing high amounts in the promotions to create awareness and results in more installation of the app among the rural and urban areas. In addition, the app also integrates the status of your e-pass for carried out yourself to travel and mobility in the country. 

Contactless Frisking
Contactless Frisking at Airport

Considering the global market, the impact of COVID-19 is so worst it badly impacts the economy and mentally to the people’s minds. Moreover, identification of danger zones and safe zones worldwide, there are many applications that are present, in which the Aarogya Setu is one focusing on the Indian market. Basically, the application intends to trace and track the record of the people’s movements in terms of cross-pathing each other. This is also aiming to check whether the person has crossed any infected patient or not while taking a flight. 

There is a widespread fear of spread and contamination of coronavirus among the security personal at the airports owing to the various lab reports that stated that person to person is the main reason for the spread of the deadly virus. Also, it is predicted that the security personnel at the airports are more inclined towards the infected with the virus owing to contact-based checking of each and every passenger who may come from the contaminated zone or red zone. Therefore, the airport authorities and the CISF personal are incorporating the contactless ticket verification and security check systems along with the change in SOPs for security features to minimize the risk of spread COVID-19 coronavirus during the frisking at the Indian airports.

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