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Case Study


TrendMiner helps Arlanxeo enhance analytics software for chemical production facilities


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TrendMiner, provider of self-service process and asset analytics software for process industries, announced that Arlanxeo will be implementing TrendMiner software within all their production facilities on a global basis. This decision is based on the business value gained at the first sites adopting the advanced analytics software for time-series data.

Arlanxeo, a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and LANXESS, is a chemical company that develops, manufactures and markets synthetic rubber and high-performance elastomers for use in various industries.  Arlanxeo initially deployed TrendMiner software in 2016 in Europe. With anonboarding approach by TrendMiner’s Customer Success team, Arlanxeo achieved an ROI within the first months of use. Based on the success of its pilot program, Arlanxeo will initiate deployment of TrendMiner software globally in its two business units.

“You cannot wait until you have a final perfect solution before you start using big data tools. It’s better to do it in parallel: start using analytics while you continue to gather data,” says Hermann Schuster, Chief Digital Officer of Arlanxeo. “Furthermore, if you lose time, this will cost you production volume and additional time to handle the problem. Whenever we can solve a problem in less time, this is a huge benefit. TrendMiner is providing us this benefit.”

TrendMiner’s self-service analytics software is intended to support Arlanxeo in achieving their top priorities: operational excellence, safety, energy efficiency and process performance optimization. With TrendMiner, process engineers and operators identify trends in their processes, monitor behavior, send notifications to engineering or control room staff and predict deviations in live processes. The transparency offered by the self-service analytics solution were key factors in the selection of TrendMiner.

Source :automation.com